TideSlide Mooring Systems come in a wide variety of sizes and shapes to accommodate just about any tidal mooring application.  This page is designed to help you determine the size and pricing of the TideSlide that is right for you. TideSlides are available in many standard duty ratings and other custom ratings are available:

Please note that the duty ratings are for individual units and the use of more than one unit increases the rating for each additional unit employed.  Example: 4 Heavy Duty 1" TideSlides will secure a vessel up to 12,000 lbs. 

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*TS Series- Heavy Duty Class (1" SS shaft) Each unit is duty rated to #12,000

Ideal for any size up to 30 foot boats & yachts!
Example: 4 units for boats up to 12000#   
*YS Series-Yacht Class (1 1/2" solid SS shaft) duty rated up to #50,000 each or 25 tons

Ideal for 30 to 50 foot yachts!
Example: 4 units for boats up to 50000#
*HY Series-Heavy Yacht Class (2" solid SS shaft)  rated up to #125,000 each

Perfect for 50-90 foot yachts or up to 125,000# or 50 tons!
Example: 4 units for yachts to #125,000
*MY Series-Mega Yacht Class (2 1/2" solid SS Shaft) rated up to #250,000 each or 125 tons

Ideal for 80-140 foot yachts up to 250,000 LBS! 
*CS Series- Commercial Class (3" solid SS Shaft) for yachts, ferries and ships #500,000 and up.

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